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Minibus Tours

Chelmsford Coach Tours 
Coach tours are the ideal way to celebrate a special occasion such as the birthday of a friend or family member. With this special type of transportation you can plan a day out that you will never forget and it is possible to go absolutely anywhere that you heart desires. There are numerous different vehicles with you such as a Mercedes 16 seater which is sure to be large enough so that you can take your nearest and dearest with you as well as anything else you need to enjoy a special day out.  
The Isle of Sheppey is the perfect place to visit with your minibus hire in Chelmsford. This enchanting island can be reached in a little over an hour from Chelmsford and boasts a wide range of interesting things to see and do. This tiny island boasts a large number of pristine sandy beaches where visitors can spread out for a while or take a dip in the cool, clear waters. The island also boasts a number of historical sites to visit such as chapels and churches, while at one end of the island is a large amusement arcade where visitors can have fun playing a wide range of different types of games.  
The seaside town of Brighton is another great place to spend the day. Taking the time to walk along the seafront is a must and visitors can walk along the length of Brighton Pier to the small fun park that can be found at the very end. The large traditional pub in the middle of Brighton Pier is the perfect place to pause for refreshments before heading to the Lanes to browse for bargains among the many shops that can be found in this colourful narrow network of streets.  
People who do like to be beside the seaside are also sure to enjoy a trip out to Blackpool. This is one of the most vibrant seaside cities in the whole of the United Kingdom and the Pleasure Gardens is a great place to get started. Visitors will definitely not be stuck for entertainment ideas here as the Pleasure Gardens includes a whole host of great shops, restaurants, bars and several theatres where various different types of shows are hosted both in the daytime and in the evening. A stop to admire the iconic Blackpool Tower is sure to be high on the list of things to do while exploring Blackpool, while visitors can stretch their legs by taking a stroll along the seafront.  
Exploring the Isle of Wight is extremely easy when you book a coach tour. This large island boasts a large number of impressive destinations that are just waiting to be discovered and because you will have no trouble getting around you will be able to cover every inch of this picturesque island if you wish. From hanging out on one of the island’s beautiful beaches to visiting strawberry fields and shopping for souvenirs, the entertainment options on the Isle of Wight are almost limitless and there is even an amusement park where day trippers can let off a little steam by having fun on a range of different wild rides.  
The bright lights of London are sure to beckon city slickers and there will certainly never be a dull moment when you arrange a coach tour of London. Whether you want to get back to nature by exploring some of the city’s impressive parks or seeing iconic attractions such as St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London, you are sure to have plenty of time to explore. Visitors can also go on a shopping spree in one of the city’s traditional markets such as Camden Locke or on Regent’s Street and you will be able to stow away your new purchases safely in your minibus so that you do not have to carry them around with you all day.  
Alternatively, you can leave the destination entirely up to the driver and arrange a magical mystery tour. This is the perfect way to surprise someone special with a day out that they will never forget. All of the destinations that you will visit throughout the day are kept strictly secret, but you can be sure that the driver will put together an impressive schedule that all of the members in your group are sure to enjoy. 
When you arrange Chelmsford minibus hire the only limit is your imagination. There are numerous added extras that you can arrange depending on the type of trip that you are organising and who is going with you and you can bring along your own music to use as a daytrip backdrop, game to play on the journey and you can even arrange for the vehicle to be decorated in a particular way to help make the day even more memorable.