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Chelmsford Coach Company 

A minibus hire in Chelmsford is the way for groups to move around town, visiting all the attractions, and partaking in all the events. However, there is more to a minibus hire than the actual minibus itself! The service is just as important as the vehicle. 
You may be relieved on getting a minibus to transport your group. But what good would the minibus do if it is too cramped up and your group members may have been better off in public transportation? Or if the minibus is comfortable all right, but is poorly maintained that it breaks down enroute, leaving your group stranded? It could also be that you end up with a grouchy and uncooperative driver, who is outright rude as well. If you get a minibus that fits all requirements, you might end up being charged the moon. You need to opt for an established and reputed minibus company, to avoid such pitfalls.  
Our minibus company is the most reputed and popular in Chelmsford for good reasons. 
When you book a minibus hire in Chelmsford from us, you are assured of a vehicle that not just matches your group size, and also matches your style and demeanour. We offer choice from a large fleet of high end minibus and coaches, such as Ford Transit, Mercedes 16 seater, Ivecos, and Volvos. These vehicles are the best in-class when it comes to passenger comfort, and also offer several advanced safety features. We further accessorise these vehicles with GPS, and other features, to enhance your comfort and safety. 
Daily check of key essentials such as tyre pressure and oil, periodic servicing, routine maintenance, timely replacement of tyres, wiper blades, and other essentials, proactive repairs to nip problems in the mud, and more ensure our vehicles rarely break down, and in the unlikely event it does, our large fleet and strong 24×7 customer support ensures a replacement vehicle is never too far away. 
We offer the best service for Chelmsford minibus hire. Our customer support team is available round the clock, for you to approach, for any requirement whatsoever. They also undertake all background arrangements required for the trip, be in tracking your flight in real time, making timely reminders or follow up, scheduling pick up of guests from different locations in CM1 postcode district, or anything else. 
The drivers who accompany the minibus are skilled professionals, who have clocked in many miles of experienced driving comparable vehicles, and who are mature and resourceful enough to handle any eventuality that may crop up during the trip. They are trained in the fine art of balancing customer interests with safety.  
Our highly efficient operations ensure low overheads, which translate to low charges for you. Our rates are the lowest in the industry. 
Chelmsford, around 32 miles from the heart of London, is noted for its scenic surroundings, and many corporate groups, especially tech companies having their UK and European base in town. We offer regular minibus hire service to these corporate, visitors and other residents of town. Our comprehensive service is much in favour for making airport transfers, excursions, days out trips, nites out trip, wedding and funeral transfers, birthday parties, corporate meetings, exhibitions, trade fairs, concerts, sports events, and for many other purposes.  
Contact our customer care for a custom quote that suits your exact requirements. We are flexible and accommodative in our offerings, to the extent possible. Avail the services of our Chelmsford coach company once, and you are sure to come back to us the next time around, and also leave glowing testimonials in our praise, just as countless previous customers have done.